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JBMCVI Prototype Continues


Development of the MIDI to CV/GATE interface continues. We are currently working on making a pretty front panel as well as finishing up on the firmware side.

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Prototype Development


Development of the MIDI to CV/GATE module has been continued. Final touches on the soldering side is going on and a prototype front panel has been developed and ordered. Stay tuned for more information and prototype photos and examples.

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Prototype Boards


Just received some prototype boards for an updated version of the C64 disk drive emulator unit. Components are on the way as well. Another purpose of the prototype boards was to check out a new manufacturer, and the quality was found to be very good, especially considering the price. The JBMCVI module may therefore see its first small batch run.

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Graphical Profile


Have been working a bit on the new graphical profile. Hope you like it.

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Module Graphics


The main images for the modules has been changed to an ISO view standard.

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Pre Order System


A pre order system has been designed to deal with allocation of interest for module manufacture. Stay tuned for the release date!

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Entryline Modules


Some of the Baseline modules has been converted to the new Entryline module range. Some modules were found to be too simplistic for the Baseline range. The prices has also been adjusted, and the idea is that all Entryline modules should be available as DIY kits as well.

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General Work


The way products are listed and displayed has been radically changed and should now be very consistent through the complete website.

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Modules Update


An update has been performed displaying all current module developments up to date.

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A new product has been starting to take shape, called BreadStrip. Check it out now! It will be released as a Beta version (Pre-Lite) arount 30th of December this year. Stay tuned for updates!

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Precision Handmade

All Jiisuki Industries products are manually cared for. This means that manufacturing time is quite long compared to automated series production. However, we believe that love and care for each and every product is key to a happy sound. The modules are created in batches of limited numbers, from time to time. If you want to make sure you will not miss the next batch, you can place a pre-order in most stores, or directly from us. All aluminium front panels are engraved and milled by very skilled machines. The polycarbonate style panels are engraved and milled by hand, thus making them more unique, but at a slightly higher price. Aluminium is the default standard panel for all modules.

Currently, electronics assembly is also manual, and each components will have the same deep focus and passion, making sure that everything is mounted in the best way. Even the Module Assessories are assembled by hand. If there is a high pre order request, we might consider getting the modules machine assembled.

The Entryline Synthesizer Modules

The Entryline modules are designed for people on a tight budget, or anyone wanting to jump-start into the area of modular synthesizers. The modules are very simple in design, and they will all be open source and available as DIY kits. This makes the modules low-cost and easy to distribute, meaning less waiting time between batches!

The Baseline Synthesizer Modules

The Baseline modules are intended as a gate into the wonderful world of modular synthesizers. The idea is that everyone should be able to start out playing with these amazing instruments. Baseline modules is build using a 'keeping it simple' principle. This makes the modules low-cost, which is perfect for the entry musician. Some of the Baseline modules are, or will be, available as DIY-kits with full documentation, so you can build it yourself at a lower price!

The Topline Synthesizer Modules

To spice things up in your rack, Jiisuki Industries has created the Topline module series as well. These modules has a more experimental feeling, and are designed at a deeper level than the Baseline modules. Of course, this affects pricing, so the Topline modules are intended for the user already initiated into the world of modular synths. These modules could pretty much be a good expansion to any existing rack out there.